Now On Sirius Satellite!!!

The Plants are now getting airtime on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. We are thrilled to be part of the family of artists embraced by Kids Place Live on Channel 78. Kids Place Live hosts some truly amazing programs and celebrates a ton of independent kid’s musicians. We are so happy to be included. Cheap Philadelphia car rental So you may ask….what does this mean? It means 22,000 miles of radio signal instead of 40. It means that families across the nation can now turn a dial and at any given moment, a Plants song could be beamed down from space. AMAZING!!! Most of all, it means that The Plants songs are now reaching new ears and hopefully bringing joy to more and more children. We are obviously excited about this. However, we really want to take it one step further. The Plants are currently developing a radio signal embedded laser blaster which we hope will send our songs beyond the planet’s thermosphere and into deep space. free domains . We truly believe that our real market audience is waiting out there somewhere amongst the stars.
Visit The Kids Place Live website and like them on Facebook where you can request your favorite Plants song!!!


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