“In Full Bloom” NOW ON PANDORA!!!

The Plants album In Full Bloom has been accepted into Pandora’s Music Genome Project!!! Unbelievable! You are now able to search, find, and create a station for The Plants on the worlds largest streaming radio site. On this station you can hear your favorite tunes from In Full Bloom as well as some great stuff from other family entertainers. We are getting play time side by side with some of the greatest kids bands out there. Established acts like Dan Zanes and Trout Fishing in America, along with newer popular artists like Justin Roberts and They Might Be Giants are a part of The Plants station. What’s more exciting for us is that The Plants are now part of their stations as well, which should introduce a whole new group of listeners to our music. We are hoping that this exposure will bring our songs to more ears, create intrigue, and inspire dance parties in living rooms across the nation and around the world.
Make your very own Plants Station today!!!


Now On Sirius Satellite!!!

The Plants are now getting airtime on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. We are thrilled to be part of the family of artists embraced by Kids Place Live on Channel 78. Kids Place Live hosts some truly amazing programs and celebrates a ton of independent kid’s musicians. We are so happy to be included. Cheap Philadelphia car rental So you may ask….what does this mean? It means 22,000 miles of radio signal instead of 40. It means that families across the nation can now turn a dial and at any given moment, a Plants song could be beamed down from space. AMAZING!!! Most of all, it means that The Plants songs are now reaching new ears and hopefully bringing joy to more and more children. We are obviously excited about this. However, we really want to take it one step further. The Plants are currently developing a radio signal embedded laser blaster which we hope will send our songs beyond the planet’s thermosphere and into deep space. free domains . We truly believe that our real market audience is waiting out there somewhere amongst the stars.
Visit The Kids Place Live website and like them on Facebook where you can request your favorite Plants song!!!


Kids Corner 25th Anniversary CD

The Plants Song “Monster Under My Bed” was selected to be part of the Kids Corner 25th Anniversary CD from WXPN 88.5. This CD celebrates Kids Corner’s 25 year history by showcasing 25 bands that they feel capture the sound and spirit of this long lived and well loved program. We are humbled and honored to be part of this compilation and are simultaneously stoked to be in such good company. There are some very creative acts in the kid’s music scene right now and we are thrilled to be part of the conversation. domain like As a program, Kids Corner is one of a kind. The Plants have been fortunate enough to meet and befriend the Kids Corner crew and we cannot express in words the kindness and generosity they have shown us. We grew up listening to this program, we still listen to this program, and we can’t wait to see what they do in the next 25 years.
Visit their website, check out the CD, and while you are there request your favorite Plants song!!!


The Plants at Kindiefest

The Plants were fortunate enough to be selected as one of the showcase performances at this years Kindiefest in Brooklyn NY. This 3 day conference, held at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, is known by those in the business as one of the most influential events of the year. storm cloud . The conference is a place for family entertainers to gather, meet, network, laugh, skip, jump, celebrate, and share their excitement for a part of the music industry that is so often overlooked. Individuality and artistry are not always easy to find in today’s family entertainment industry, but Kindiefest has it in spades.
The day was a whirlwind. After performing in the morning at The Schuylkill Nature Center’s Naturepalooza, The Plants hopped in a car and made the trek up to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (complete with an unplanned detour through Manhattan). The night was emceed by friend and host of WXPN’s Kids Corner, Kathy O’Connell who kept the crowd laughing and smiling as only she can. The stage was intense; one great band after another, in very quick rotation. When their card was drawn, The Plants took the stage and played four songs that showcased their diversity while getting the crowd to shuffle their feet, spin around, whistle, shake in terror (it was a cat the whole time), and of course jump up and down like a monkey. After that was a blur of names, faces, laughs, photos, and business cards. It was an amazingly rewarding experience. There are some truly gifted artists and delightful personalities in the children’s music industry if you know where to look and The Plants are thrilled to have been embraced by this tightly knit family.


In Full Bloom!

If you enjoyed The Plants’ first album Sprouting Out, then hold on to your hat. If you are not wearing a hat then hold on to your hair and if you have no hair, then you may simply want to brace yourself, because the next album is on its way!!!  Much like the first album, In Full Bloom spans a broad range of genres and topics in order to engage young, and old music listeners in the fullest way possible. It stays true to the tone of  Sprouting Out as each song paints its own picture and packs a punch in its own unique way.

I had the opportunity to sit down with The Plants and talk to them about their recording process. When asked about the creativity behind this album they said, “Whether we are writing, playing, or recording; if we are not smiling and laughing then we know that we need to go back to the drawing board.”  They of course said this with a laugh and a smile. I asked why they think their music resonates with young listeners and they responded , “We really try to go all out with our music. We never want to dumb it down or rule out any option and always want to push our listeners to think and feel through music. We truly believe that everyone can appreciate a good tune and that is what we strive for. We also are fortunate enough to have the BEST fans in the world. Kids are super receptive and extremely creative. We are just trying to keep up.”  I asked where they hoped this album would take them and after a few inquisitive looks, they said, “We would love to go to Hawaii……can it take us to Hawaii?” Followed by, “We have been extremely fortunate with Sprouting Out and are excited to have new avenues open for this next album to be heard. We are just  hoping that it gets out there and would love the opportunity to take this show on the road. We love to play and are hoping that this album will give us the chance to do that full time.”

I left The Plants with a huge sense of excitement. In Full Bloom is on its way and it has a little of something for every listener. It is, to name a few, a rocket pack journey, a dance party with werewolves, a ninja and an elephant lost at sea, a rock concert in London, a giant dragon who lives on an island full of gold, and of course a second installment of the tale of a tribe of intergalactic insects and their voyage through space. I hope you are ready, because In Full Bloom by The Plants, promises to be a wild ride.


The Plants Rock the Philadelphia Flower Show!

We had an absolute blast at the Philadelphia Flower Show! The Plants surrounded by a bunch of plants,
what could be better? This was the first time that the Flower Show has ever had live music and we were
honored that they chose us! Our favorite radio host, Kathy O’Connell from XPN’s Kids Corner was there,
along with Philly Hoop Starz!

If you check out the video you’ll notice it was an acoustic set (except for the bass). Those of you that
have seen us perform know that Winston (our drummer) normally plays on a full kit but the djembe and
the tambourine brought a nice feel to the sets. As you can hear we’ve been performing a lot of our new
songs off the new album “In Full Bloom” which will be released this spring! Hope to be back again at the
Flower Show in the future!

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